Instructions to recharge by bank card on Hot51

Instructions to recharge by bank card on Hot51


Please open the application , log in to your account and make a deposit and withdrawal on the Hot51 application according to the following steps:

Hot51- Card Bank 1

Step 1: Please access the application and select the Recharge function at “my”

Hot51- Card Bank 2

Step 2. You enter the required information displayed on the screen, in which:

  • Deposit denomination: select the denomination you need to top up
  • Phone numbers to be paid are your postpaid subscribers.
  • After entering all the information, click “Continue”.
  • Enter the amount to deposit and click “Continue”
Hot51- Card Bank 3
Hot51- Card Bank 4

Step 3. Select a payment method.

There are 3 payment methods: ATM card and bank account , International payment card, Momo Wallet

You can click “Change” to select the desired deposit source. You can choose from the following sources of funds:

  • Bank card transfer
  • Bank QRCode
  • Online payment
  • Electronic banking
  • Viettel Pay
Hot51- Card Bank 5

Step 4:  Pay according to the payment method selected in step 3 and top up the card now.

After you make a successful payment, the deposit will be added corresponding to the selected deposit amount and the promotional amount (if any).

Hot51- Card Bank 6


  • Depending on the payment method you choose, the screen will display different requested information.
  • The OTP password can be returned to your phone or displayed on the token device (depending on the bank).

Above are the steps to complete the guide to top up by bank card on Hot51!

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