Idol livestream – A new job that makes a lot of money in today’s young people

With 40 million Internet users in Vietnam, in which the age of users is quite young, there is a high need to share experiences and express themselves. Therefore, the profession of “Idol livestream” is a trend that is quickly loved by young Vietnamese people.


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Hot51-Girl livestream

What do you need to become an Idol Livestream?


  • Do you know how to play a game, play a game very well and be in the top 100 of that game?
  • You have the ability to sing or dance extremely “hard”
  • If you don’t have the above two factors, your “talent” in appearance will make up for it
  • Good-looking appearance and attractive and attractive way of talking are your talents.


  • Your gaming stuff, PC or phone
  • Webcam, tool for live broadcasting
  • Devices that support Live game connection
  • A little knowledge of connection skills

If you meet the above conditions, you can become ” Idol Livestream  on Facebook”. If you  Livestream on other platforms, you must register an account and split the commission.

If you have “talent” but no “facilities”, apply to a management company and become their Idol.

Why choose the profession “Idol Live Stream”

  • Light work, does not take too much effort
  • Satisfy your passions and interests
  • Comfortable about time
  • Extremely high “can” income 5-50 million/month

There is no “career” without a “career”

Although the job is light and the salary is high, it does not mean happiness

Complicated salary calculation mechanism 

Calculating Idol’s salary depends on many factors such as regulations on the number of hours, sharing videos on personal pages, and gifts given by fans.

Unstable salary

When the system is stable, the management company will optimize costs and cut wages to a minimum. Whoever can stay can keep doing it, many Idols give up because they’re so bored

Must keep fit

The Idol Livestream profession is quickly eliminated, for about a month or two, if there is no innovation, the viewers will be bored. As a result, income is also decreasing. That’s why Idols often change apps.

The management company “suppresses” the bonus

Salary received according to the quota of gifts from fans, the more gifts, the higher the Idol salary. But sometimes the unexpected high is deducted. The manager said it was an abnormal increase due to hacking and then subtracted. No data is made public. So you lose your bonus.

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Idol Livestream profession is associated with the image of girls in revealing costumes, dancing, bending in front of the camera for many people.

Hot51-Girl live

The “storm” of live streaming is landing in Vietnam

In early 2014, TalkTV (or at that time also known as Cctalk), a product of VNG, appeared, creating moves to stimulate the live streaming video market to be more vibrant. Focusing on developing two main entertainment content areas, namely Game streaming & Idol’s live streaming performance, TalkTV quickly attracted a huge number of users.

After TalkTV, the live streaming video market witnessed the entry of a wide range of products from domestic and foreign companies. Typically, some names such as IdolTV (VTC), 88sao, Hallostar, StarTV… focus on developing Idol content. On another front, Twitch, Azubu – foreign giants invest in exploiting the live streaming game market in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese market is witnessing the entry of many Asian “giants”, not to mention Naver (Vapp), KJ (WSTV), Bigo… VTVGo – under VTV – Vietnamese television stations also started the game. big with live streaming of copyrighted content such as football (Euro 2016).

“Hurricane” live streaming Euro season in Vietnam

In Vietnam, with the rapid development of livestream applications, young people have more opportunities to find audiences and increase their income. Before the arrival of a series of foreign “giant” in the live streaming video game, TalkTV became one of the domestic “stars” possessing competitive advantages when participating in this fierce race.

Belonging to VNG – the number 1 Internet company in Vietnam today, TalkTV has a large enough technical and infrastructure foundation to support the development of quality products. From there, opening up opportunities for Vietnamese young people, even in school, to earn extra income and satisfy their passion for gaming or art activities, and online exchange will create a stepping stone for their activities. real life art.

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