To improve the quality of interaction between idol and User.
Hot51 organizes a weekly gift-giving program for top idols.
All of Hotlive’s Idols can participate to receive rewards. Results are calculated based on the results
Idol Chart.

***Details of activities*** :

1Idol ranking 1st place get 1,500,000
2Idol rankings that reach 2nd place give away1,200,000
3Idol ranking 3rd place give 1,000,000
4Idol chart ranked 4th, give away800,000
5Idol rankings that reach 5th place give away600,000

*** Contents of Compensation Regulations ***
Only applied to the top 5 awards of the idol rankings. The list will be closed by the app at 23:58 every Sunday. And will be paid immediately after the results. The activity will be started at 00h00 on April 12, 2021, and the program end time has not been determined yet.



Release Date

Feb 2019