FIRST DEPOSIT Welcome all members to Hotlive entertainment company. From June 3, 2021, HOT51 applies a promotion for new members NAP MONEY FIRST. point Members who have finished depositing the deposit, please contact customer service to receive respective promotions. The end time of the program has not been determined.

*** Operation Details **

1First deposit100,000 get 28,000 free
2First deposit300,000 get 88,000 free
3First deposit1,000,000 get 168,000 free
4First deposit5,000,000 get 368,000 free
5First deposit10,000,000 get 700,000 free

1. The activity does not apply to members and digital agents
Lottery Hanoi.AG video, MG, CMD .Dragoncity.Only applicable
for games in the room live streams online.
2. Each IP can only receive the reward once.
3. The deposit amount that has been bet down cannot receive the promotion.
4. Accounts that take advantage of promotions to play fraudulently to gain profits, the system will immediately withdraw all winnings and freeze the account
5. Promotional money needs to go through 3 rounds of betting before it can be withdrawn.
for example: Get km 88,000 *3 rounds = 264,000 (Total bet reached )



Release Date

Feb 2019